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OBI Dashboard Regression Testing

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Below is a simple and real example that illustrates how you can leverage BI Validator for regression testing of dashboards.

Assume that you have 250 dashboards which are widely used by your marketing, sales, finance and other divisions within your enterprise. So far, things have been running well but the current version of your ETL Tool will not be supported from the July 1st, 2013, which is 45 days away and there is no option for you but to upgrade from 8.x to 9.x in this timeframe.   Sounds familiar? :)


This article walks you through the consistency check warnings found in the BI Apps RPD after running the upgrade assistant on an RPD.

1.Warning [39003] – Missing functional dependency association of a column.
Any Logical Table Source that has been unused in 10g is disabled during the upgrade. Cleaning up such tables before the upgrade might help avoid this warning.

Solution: Enable all the Logical Table Sources that are disabled during the upgrade.
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