Difference between ETL and Database testing

ETL testing applies to Data Warehouses or Data integration projects while Database Testing applies to any database holding data (typically transaction systems). Here are the high level tests done in each: 

ETL Testing : Primary goal is to check if the data moved properly as expected 


Database Testing : Primary goal is check if the data is following the rules/standards defined in the Data Model 

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Database Testing - Ensure acceptable variance in data differences

At a recent event, one of the prospects at the attendees came over to our booth and asked me to demonstrate a use case that was kind of interesting. I got a similar request from another prospect recently and thought that it might be a good idea to blog and show how it can be done using ETL Validator.


Problem: There is a source table and a target table. The attendee wanted to find the difference in a number field between two tables. In addition,  he was also interested in specifying an acceptable variance and define a rule on that. If the difference is within the limits, then, he wanted the test case to be marked as success. If the difference exceeds the variance, then, he wanted the test case to be marked as failure. In just few minutes, we were able to demonstrate this use case using 3.4 version of ETL Validator.

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