BI Validator

The Most Comprehensive BI Testing Automation Solution for OBIEE, Tableau, Cognos and Business Objects

Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Stress Testing, Migration Testing, Upgrade Testing, Adhoc Report Testing & Security Testing
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Oracle internally uses BI Validator for OBIEE testing automation
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Patented ELV Architecture.

BI Validator makes use of our patented ELV Architecture to automate BI Testing. It supports extraction of reports and report metadata from Business Intelligence tools such as OBIEE, Tableau, Cognos and Business Objects. The reports are loaded into a repository (Oracle, SQL Server or Firebird database) so that validations can be run on it. BI Validator currently supports testing of applications build using the following Business Intelligence tools:

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE): Supports testing of Reports, Dashboards, Subject Areas, Web Catalog.

IBM Cognos: Supports testing of Cognos Reports.

SAP Business Objects: Supports testing of Web Intelligence reports, Crystal Reports.

Tableau: Supports testing of Workbooks deployed in Tableau server.

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New features in BI Validator v2.7.7

Some of the key new features of BI Validator v2.7.7 are listed below.

End-to-End testingCompare Report & SQL Query data
Migration testingCompare reports across BI tools
Tableau Improvements Improved Stress testing
BI Publisher Automate BI Publisher testing

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