Comprehensive Data Integration Testing Automation

Data is one of the most important asset of any enterprise. Maintaining data quality is a key to ensure success in this information age. According to a Gartner study US businesses loose $8.2 million every year due to bad data. This number is much higher for large corporations where data issues are more prevalent and critical.
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Data Quality Testing

Define data rules to automate the data quality checks.
  • Referential Integrity checks for Orphan records
  • Data Accuracy checks
  • Data Profile checks
  • Validating the quality of data in flat files
  • Validating the quality of data in XML
  • Validating the quality of data in Hadoop (HDFS)
  • Test data generation and masking of production data

Data Integration Testing

Automate the testing of ETL by simplifying the comparison source and target data
  • Compare Source and Target data for Completeness
  • Compare data between flat files to databases
  • Compare source or target data with BI reports
  • Check Fact to Dimension referential integrity
  • Validate data in XML files and compare it with data in database tables
  • Compare data in Hadoop(HDFS) or Hive with data in databases

Business Intelligence Testing

Automate testing of Business Intelligence applications making use of the
metadata available from the BI tools such as OBIEE, Cognos and Business Objects.
  • Regression Testing of dashboards and reports
  • Stress testing of dashboards while simulating concurrent user loads
  • Adhoc report testng for validation of different combination of attributes and measures
  • Validation of physical query generated by the tools
  • Impact analysis of BI tool metadata changes
  • Performance Testing and monitoring of dashboards and reports

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